About the VSIDC

The Victorian Strawberry Industry Development Committee (VSIDC) was established by an Order of the Victorian Government under the Agricultural Industry Development Act 1990 (Vic) in July 1992.

This Order was titled "The Victorian Strawberry Industry Development Order".

The Victorian Strawberry Industry Development Order was extended in 1996 for an additional four year period, again in July 2000 for a period of 2 years, 4 months, and again in 2002.   Another Poll of commercial strawberry growers was conducted during September 2002. The result of the Poll was an overwhelming endorsement of the Victorian Strawberry Industry Development Order and the Committee.

The Order was subsequently extended by the Minister for a further four year period, ending on the 30th of November 2006. A another Poll conducted in September 2006 saw the Order extended for another four year period, ending on the 30th November 2010.  The Victorian Strawberry Growers Association have organised a petition to go to the Victorian Minister for Agriculture in May 2010 seeking a further extension of the VSIDC for a further 4 year period ending 30 November 2014. In July 2010 the commercial strawberry growers again voted to endorse the VSIDC and therefore the Minister remade to order for another 4 year period to the 30th of November 2014.

In 2014 the Victorian Strawberry Growers Association petitioned the Victorian Minister for Agriculture seeking to re-make of the Victorian Strawberry Industry Development Order. In late August and early September 2014 the growers voted on the re-make of the Order.  The Ministers decision on re-making the Order is currently pending.

The VSIDC collects levies from all Victorian commercial strawberry growers when they purchase strawberry runners plants.

The Committee uses these funds to:

‘carry out or fund research and development into the production, pest and disease control, post harvest handling, plant breeding and variety evaluation of strawberries and advise growers about research findings’


‘carry out or fund domestic marketing and promotion of fresh strawberries grown in Victoria’.

The current VSIDC is made up of the following members

Mr John Hasan

Chairman and grower representative

Mr Sam Violi

Treasurer and grower representative

Mrs Anna Hasan

Grower representative

Mr John Frisina

Industry/non-grower representative

Mr Tony Fay

Department of Environment and Primary Industries representative


Grower representative


Industry/non-grower representative

The VSIDC also employ the following personnel

Miffy Gilbert

Chief Executive Officer and Accountable Officer

P.O. Box 145

Wandin North VIC 3139